Toro de Lidia Blanco 750ml

Award winning!

Toro de Lidia Reposado 750ml

Aged 6-12 months



Toro de Lidia Añejo 750ml

Award winning!! Aged 1-5 years.

Toro de Lidia Extra Añejo 750ml

Aged 8-10 years.



Toro de Lidia Blanco 1.75L

More of an award winning good thing!

Toro de Lidia Reposado 1.75L

Even more of an award-winning-great-thing!

Number Juan Blanco 750ml

Award winning blanco from some funny guys!



Number Juan Reposado 750ml

Award winning reposado!



Number Juan Extra Añejo 750ml

And even more awards!



Mezcal Union 750ml

100% agave, mexcal joven



Ryno Blanco

Certified Organic. Mexican Tradition, Texas Vision!



Ryno Extra Anejo

Certified Organic, aged 5 years.



Devil's Bathtub Gin

Honeoye Falls Distillery

Dry style with unique blend of ten botanicals

Devil's Bathtub Barrel Rested Gin

Honeoye Falls Distillery

Aged in retired whiskey barrels

Zamir Vodka

Honeoye Falls Distillery

Created by Zamir Gotta, Russian sidekick to Anthony Bourdain on many of his adventures around the world. This is a Russian style vodka from winter wheat, distilled 6 times that is soft, sweet, and velvety.

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